The Care Mission: Walker County, GA Food Pantry

Saturday, June 25th, marked the 11th anniversary of the Care Mission. We celebrated the occasion with our 11th Annual Day of Praise. Each year we use our anniversary to reflect on what our God has done through the Care Mission. It is our Day of Praise. This year it was held on June 25th, the actual date of our anniversary, with an open house, cookout, fellowship, and shopping. Thanks to all that came to support The Care Mission.

When we closed our doors on this Day of Praise we also closed the door on our thrift store. God has blessed our food pantry, which is the center most part of our ministry, so much so that there is no longer room for both a thrift store and a food pantry to operate within the same building. We pray that you who have been faithful to support this ministry will continue to do so as we enter a new chapter in our walk with Christ. You can read more about our difficult decision in the latest Mission News newsletter.

Do you plan to plant a garden?

How about planting a row for The Care Mission? We can provide you with boxes or bags for your donated produce items. By growing a little extra you can help us help families in our community.

Upcoming Events

Jesus Study

Every Tuesday, 6:00pm*

All are welcome to join us for a biblical look at the life and teachings of Jesus Christ each Thursday at the Care Mission.

Quarterly Board Meeting

October 24th, 6:00pm

Our Board of Directors meets each quarter to discuss the continuing operation of The Care Mission.  Every Board Meeting is open to the public.